Parents Test


1. Please attempt all statements
2. Read each statement and select one option which describes your child.
  There are no right or wrong answers.       
  Your test is totally confidential.

Q1. Fidgety, unable to sit still
Q2. Feels sad, unhappy
Q3. Daydreams too much
Q4. Refuses to share
Q5. Does not understand other people’s feelings
Q6. Feels hopeless
Q7. Has trouble concentrating
Q8. Fights with other children
Q9. Is down on him or herself
Q10. Blames others for his or her troubles
Q11. Seems to be having less fun
Q12. Does not listen to rules
Q13. Acts as if driven by a motor
Q14. Teases others
Q15. Worries a lot
Q16. Takes things that do not belong to him or her
Q17. Distracted easily